Texoma Ergonomic Consulting Services offers a wide range of ergonomic and safety consulting services in Texas, Oklahoma and nationwide.

Offering basic ergonomics training and quick checks for computer users as well as more complex evaluations addressing today's factory worker and manufacturing environment. Clients are worked with to minimize the impact of changes in furniture, equipment and processes on worker health and safety. TECS can assist in equipment and furniture selection, and work with you on developing or improving your process improvement teams, including Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen programs.


Texoma Ergonomic Consulting Services applies and develops methodologies for analyzing, designing, testing and evaluating systems. Complex problems are addressed with advanced ergonomic technologies and methods.

All assessments and recommendations are prioritized, if required. Short and long term recommendations are submitted.

I will also help implement recommendations as needed, and I have access to ergonomic equipment.



Texoma Ergonomic
Consulting Services
Scott Weede, CIE

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"Scott made recommendations that reduced repetitive motion work injuries for our workers."


"The changes we made
with our office furniture made our staff more productive during
office hours."